The Great Blood War

If it charges I would like to have a movement...

Slowly everyone wakes up the next morning and prepares for the day. After a hasty breakfast Reginald heads outside to walk around the island exploring, Yank Key tails after the half-orc confused over waking up curled up next to him by the fire.

Impatient with waiting for everyone else to get ready Renath announces “This building is bigger than all this. I’m going outside to play with the door incase that’s how you access the rest of the building.” He heads outside and plays around with the door, trying many things that seem stupid if the door is not magical.

After finishing their meal James and Green-eye start searching carefully inside the building. James takes the wall near the fireplace and Green-eye tries the outside wall of the bedroom. In a short period of time Green-eye discovers that there are marking in the dust on the floor near the bookcase.

“I found something but I’m too short to do anything.” At his words James abandons his search and comes into the bedroom. With a great deal of effort he moves the bookcase away from the wall enough to squeeze onto a spiral staircase hidden behind it.

Outside Reginald and Yank Key have discovered that behind the house the dragons have piled a mound of debris to form a nest. The whole group of dragons are still sleeping in various cute poses in the nest. They continue to wonder around the island without discovering anything of real interest in this isolated tropical paradise.

Renath gives up on the door after trying everything he can think of even looking for markings around the door. Changing into a hound he runs off and investigates the interesting smells of the beach.

Green-eye leaves James to checkout behind the bookcase and runs out of the house to find everyone else. He finds that Reginald and Yank Key have completed walking around the entire island and are on their way back. Renath is found at the beach barking and play fighting a crab.

Once everyone is back together Reg makes short work of moving the bookcase out enough for everyone to fit through easily. James has spent his time making sure there is no traps waiting for them on the stairs and assured that everything is safe the party heads up.

The first landing on the stairs opens into a library. Yank Key immediately runs off to look for books about magic. With a sigh Renath stays behind to keep the dwarf out of trouble as everybody else continues up the stairs.

Yank Key runs around scanning book covers with increasing looks of confusion over why a wizard would not have any arcane books in his library. Finally he stops to read a small leather bound journal left lying on a table.

It is Okena’s personal journal and talks briefly about the final days before the four grand wizards died. With the journal on the table is an open book. A short history of the four wizards, how they were born from the blood of dragons with incredible powers, how they discovered magic and trained the wizards, and how Aerys became corrupted by necromancy and turned on them.

Renath is shocked by the revelations but Yank Key is merely disappointed he hasn’t found any new beer recipes.

Continuing up the stairs Reg, Green-eye, and James reach the final floor. A chamber with a large, beautiful rug in the center opens before them. Near the stairs are a series of hooks with bags hanging on them. Against one wall a set of shelves and a vanity, both covered by all manner of objects. The opposite wall has two book shelves filled with tomes. Across the room from the stairs are an armoire and a rack holding various weapons.

Reg goes to check out the shelves while the other two head straight for the weapons. He sees several wondrous objects before him but what grabs his attention is a weirdly stylized, skinned chicken made from a strangely pliable material.

Reginald picks up the chicken and plays around with it, stretching and pulling on it and watching the material bounce back.

Among the other weapons on the rack before James and Green-eye are two staves of very similar appearance. One made of a white material with a vein of red liquid behind glass twisting up the haft. A clawed hand holding a smoky gem tops the staff. The other is obviously carved from ivory with red stained glass tracing a path up to a hand holding a large smoke filled orb.

They call over Reginald and he carefully places the chicken back on the shelf where he found it. Looking the staves over he agrees that one of them must be the staff we came here for. Reg also discovers that the chicken he so carefully placed back is in his hand.

Green-eye and Reg leave the room to go get Yank Key and Renath. James now alone in the room begins to look over everything in a systematic way. By the time everyone has returned he has looked at the vanity, the shelving, and made his way to the bags on hooks.

Peeking into the hanging bags proves to be a bad idea when a small gray bag opens to a surprise. An angry, biting rat leaps out onto James’s face. It bites and scratches him about the head and neck as he attempts to grab the nimble creature.

Coming up the stairs Renath sees James in trouble and rushes in, grabbing at the rat just as hopelessly as James. Reg calmly steps up and smacks the rat with the chicken in his hand sending it flying a good fifteen feet. Green-eye heads to the center of the room to stay clear of the danger as Yank Key hangs back ready to run in if he can help.

The rat appears below James’s legs and begins to bite him about the ankles without having crossed the distance between them. Renath backs away from the obviously magical rat yelling “Put it back in the bag and close it!”

Yank Key runs over to help while Reginald grabs the rat and stuffs it into the bag. As his hands reach in with the rat a second one leaps out and attacks James. Yank Key quickly closes the bag as Reg pulls his hands out.

Suddenly the new rat falls to the floor dead.

Renath casts detect magic and looks over the two staves. One has stronger magical aura by far and looking at it closely Renath can tell that it is made from the arm and hand bones of some strange creature.

“This one is the staff we’re looking for. The carved ivory one is a decoy. Now everyone stop touching things. A lot of it’s cursed.” He finishes by swatting at Yank Key’s hand as the dwarf grabs the ivory staff.

Yank Key drunkenly stumbles around waving the ivory staff and shouting about how this is the right one. Meanwhile Renath pulls out a winter blanket from his pack and very careful not to touch it wraps up the real staff.

After admonishing Yank Key for touching things Renath ties the staff up securely with rope that the dwarf has been carrying and the party heads back down the stairs.


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