The Great Blood War

I put my stool on the table, "Dinner is ready."

Returning down stairs with the staff the group leaves the bedroom only to find that three men in black robes hold Lea hostage. “Come no farther or I’ll slice her throat!” the man holding a knife to Lea appears to be the leader.

Ren engages the lead man trying to convince him that this is all a mistake, we all work for the same people and you don’t want make them angry. Name dropping from the notes that Yank Key found after he was freed seems to make the men less nervous.

Reginald plays the dumb half-orc and attempts to flank the men yelling about wanting stew. When James makes a move towards the kitchen to make stew things almost erupt into violence but Ren is able to keep things in hand as James and Reg move back into the bedroom pretending to have a loud argument but really preparing to rush the men holding Lea.

Once it’s discovered that the group of men are here looking for a book Yank Key eagerly volunteers to go upstairs and bring them down books. While in the library he knocks on the walls hoping to get the attention of the dragons in their nest behind the house.

Thanks to a few clever lies, and the heroic keeping the hell out of it by Green-eye, Ren eventually manages to talk the men into releasing Lea and joining the group for dinner. As Reg sulks at the table two of the men join him. The man with the knife moves to cut Lea’s bindings when she relieves that she has been free of them the whole time, but wisely waited hoping to avoid bloodshed.

James discovers a fourth man hiding in the kitchen and they engage in a stew cook off. Despite his best effort James is unable to best the rouge’s stew.

Yank Key plies books all over the dinner table before trapping the knife man in a drunken, rambling almost conversation. A fifth man comes out of the latrine “what the hell is going on? Is that stew?”


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