The Great Blood War

Wigwag - Revenge of the washer Seals


While the rest of the party sat at the table eating stew with the men who had, just moments before, been their adversaries, Reg headed outside to talk to the dragons about the dead rat.

Yank Kee took the lead, carefully dropping hints and probing to discover what the men knew and gain credibility with them. With great care, he eased into their employers’ evil plot: kidnapping their innocent family members to “cure them of sorcery” as nothing more than a trick to use them as guinea pigs, their ultimate goal being to find the magic that would destroy all sorcerers. How they force the other family members to go on bizarre and dangerous tasks, with the promise of freeing their captive loved ones if they are successful. And, how the men should join forces with the party to rescue these victims from the cruel and murderous kidnappers, and bring a stop to their evil plot!

Unfortunately, all of these ideas were nothing more than assumptions made by the party. These men’s relatives were truly sick with a horrible disease, eradicated long ago, but that had somehow made a come back. Its true medical name was difficult to pronounce, so most just called it “The Wig Wag” due to the peculiar pattern of tiny red welts it produced all over the body. These men were here in search of the only book that held the cure for this horrible disease; the only thing that would save their relatives lives.

This sudden revelation on the part of Yank Kee required a great deal of back-peddling and verbal misdirection to blur his previous mis-statements, and recover from an almost disastrous attempt to gain the men’s trust.

Meanwhile, Reg was reassured by one of the dragons – “You should let me eat it, then it wouldn’t have died for no reason and wouldn’t be wasted.” This seemed to be a reasonable solution, so Reg tossed the dragon the rat; then the two proceeded to play fetch with the rubber chicken that had mysteriously reappeared in Reg’s hand, much to the delight of both the Half-Orc and dragon.


That’s about as much of anything important that I remember happening too..


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