World Overview

Although this world is not Faerun, For the sake of keeping things simple, all gods and prestige classes specific to the Faerún setting will also apply to this one. However, the people, places, and geography of Faerún doesn’t necessarily exist here.

In this world it is common to see many different races in the large cities, including half-orcs. Which, although looked upon with suspicion and a bit of fear, are generally accepted in to most cities and allowed to live ordinary lives. Many of the smaller cities with fewer guards may shun or drive out the half-orcs, but they are generally pretty common within the large cities and surrounding farmlands.

Also, although ancient history speaks of dragons, dragons have not been seen for thousands of years. However, rumor suggests that sorcerers are descendent of the dragons and that they are able to use magic because they have dragons blood within their veins. For this reason, sorcerers are both revered and feared by common people. It is said that the first great wizard guilds were created as a response to the fear of sorcerers; people believed that only magic could fight magic and that wizards were necessary “just in case” the sorcerers were ever to grow tired of ordinary life and aspire to rule the world. Although that has not happened yet, it is no secret that the sorcerers resent the wizards and their grand guilds. Some even say that the sorcerers are just waiting for the right moment to overthrow the wizards.

There are four major cities in the country on this side of the world, each city has a large wizards guild specializing in different schools of magic. The main guildhall is a giant stone tower, located in the middle of the city, tall enough to see almost any point in the city and over the city gates.

The four great cities:
Teangi City: Evocation/Transmuation
Delaire City: Enchantment/Necromancy
Keahi City: Abjuration/Conjuration
Okena City: Divination/Illusion
Although each city specializes in two schools of magic, each city still has a “school of general magic” for those who don’t want to specialize or who cannot afford to travel. So, all types of magic are still present within the city, it is just better to travel if you wish to specialize or want a better education in a specific school.

World Overview

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