To Darkwing - Missing Persons

Dear Mr. Darkwing,

I read your article about the orc attack a few weeks back. Brilliant work, I truly believe you have a lot of potential and will someday be a magnificent journalist. It is such a shame that you were unable to publish your work, I am sure the common folk would have enjoyed your take on the events.

I am having a similar problem with a story I am working on. I have stumbled across a very promising and fascinating story but the Wizard’s have unfortunately forbade me to continue writing until more is known about that topic. They anticipate fear arising from this article if it is published before they have had time to discover the cause.

If you are interested in helping me investigate my story, I can reward you by giving you a portion of the profit when I sell the article. I will also mention you as a co-author and investigator in this case, which should help your journalism career progress. I will be spending the next couple days at The Mystic Hand Tavern and Inn in the northern district of town, room A13.

I hope to see you soon. Please feel free to bring the friends you mentioned in your article.


Vivian Silvertongue

To Darkwing - Missing Persons

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