The Stealing of the Staff - First Adventure

After the Heroes Race, James sat down with Ciara to hear out why she needed help.

What Happened
“I am a new recruit in the wizard’s school. While we take our classes we also randomly pick a placement within the wizards guild in order to train and learn more about how the guild is run before we finish school and get permanent placement. I pulled security. One of the previous recruits recently got promoted to a K.I.T. (Keeper in Training), he was supposed to be with me and another recruit guarding the vault during the morning shift. No one ever comes in the morning, he said, so he stepped out to get a bite to eat. Next thing I know, my partner is saying something in some other language and then I am waking up on the ground with my KIT standing over me shouting. My partner was missing and the door to the vault was open. We looked around and everything seemed fine, but then he noticed the secret vault was cracked and he told me to wait outside. We recruits aren’t supposed to know where the secret vault is or what’s in it until we’ve proven ourselves, you know? Security and all that.
Next thing I know, he’s coming out yelling at me about how I am going to get expelled from the guild and he’s going to make my life a living hell if I don’t get the staff back. They took the DRAGON staff! That’s like…the oldest relic we have! I’m ruined, there’s no way I can get it back from the sorcerers, no way! "

“The sorcerers are relocating because the wizards discovered one of their hideouts. In the hideout, the wizards also discovered some papers which spoke of an upcoming attack but also mentioned that they still need a couple things to strengthen their power before striking. What those things are, the papers did not say.
Although the sorcerers guild meets in secret with identity obscuring garb and no one knows who they are, some people suspect that the sorcerers are leaving the city slowly and secretly in small groups or disguised as merchants. It is suspected that the sorcerers are moving their items and wares by way of merchant wagons. Everything they have is suspected to be moved this way, but not all at once just in case the wizards decide to capture the wagon or brigands attack them on the road. "

With this information, you all set out to retrieve the Dragon staff from the sorcerers. After retrieving two dragon wands from a wagon, you met Ciara at her house to hand over the wands discretely so that she could return them to the Tower. Unfortunately, after giving her one of the wands, she got up to leave and ordered several invisible men to ambush and kill you. While you were busy fighting for your lives, she escaped with the wand.

The Stealing of the Staff - First Adventure

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