Teangi Tower

The Main Room

As you enter the tower, the first thing visible is a gigantic statue in the middle of the room. The round base is about a foot tall with the name “Teangi” inscribed on the front of it. The top of the circular base is covered with what looks like soil. Although it looks like dirt, there is something beautiful about its deep color and the way the light glistens off of it. If you look straight on, the statue looks like a silvery, rocky mountain surrounded by fake trees the size of an average human. But if you lift your gaze to find the top of the mountain, instead you find that it smooths out reaches up as if it were the bottom of someone’s grand robe. Where the mountain ends and the robe begins, the color changes from a rocky grey to a deep and brilliant green. If you continue your gaze towards the top, the statue appears not to be a mountain, but a human standing tall and strong. The arms of the statue are reached up towards the face, both hands spread with forefinger and middle finger surrounding the eyes. The human depicted by the statue wears the hood of his robe and other than the eyes, appears faceless.

As you are looking up, you may notice the many floors of the tower seem to stretch on forever with an indoor balcony at each level so that the main floor of the tower can be seen from any other floor of the tower. There are at least 4 doors on each level, with at least one guard stationed at each one.

There are several doors on the main floor. Between each set of doors is a painting of a famous wizard, each painting depicting someone different. Some of the paintings seem like they are a bit older while others seem pretty new.

Teangi Tower

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