Puzzle of the Protector


James has an interesting idea: point the arm in the correct direction, then place the staff in key hole. If we assume this is correct, then other information we have becomes quite interesting.

It was said that roughly every 100 years the arm points in a different direction.
-Does this mean that every 100 years or so someone has gone looking for the island?
-Was the key we now have “lost” roughly 100 years ago?

It was said that when Okena first built the statue, it was pointing out to sea.
-Does this mean that at the time it was built it was pointing to the island, out at sea?

The third eye was given to each of the faces to symbolize his “surpassing wisdom and ability to see what is in your soul”.
-Is this the “eye of light” referenced in the riddle?

The puzzle has multiple parts:

  • Four Elements
  • A Season for each Element/Season
  • A Symbol for each Element/Season
  • Cardinal Direction for each Element/Season
  • A Number associated with each Element/Season

Currently we have the following:

Element Season Direction Number Symbol
Air Winter North 12 4 puffs of swirly wind
Fire Summer West 9 fancy sun
Earth Fall East 3 Mushroom-ish hut
Water Spring South 6 Orb containing 8 swirlies
  • The numbers and positions resemble placement on a clock.
  • There is a sundial on the roof, that was glowing suspiciously
  • The directions point to the Wizard cities that match the elements

Puzzle of the Protector

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