Okena's Puzzle Box

“Congratulations. If you are reading this letter, it most likely means you have found one of my most precious items. I trust that this also means you have come with the approval of my dearest friends and that you intend no ill will.

If I am mistaken and you have come across this by mistake or through some use of inappropriate force, I implore you to leave this piece where it lies. You do not understand the magnitude of powers you are messing with. This box and the pieces inside of it are watched closely by a dear friend of mine and if you insist on taking it, I cannot guarantee your safety.

However, if my assumptions are correct…I am glad that you have managed to complete the tasks set out before you and that you have taken this piece into your possession. Please treat it with care and do not let greed seep into your hearts. So much knowledge and history can soon be within your hands, but always remember that great knowledge and great power comes with a great burden of responsibility and consequences. When you find what you have come looking for, I suggest you take only what you need and nothing more. Leave the rest hidden from those who would use it for evil or selfish purposes.
With that said, you are welcome to the contents of my puzzle box. I hope that you find it useful in your coming journeys. "

Contents in box:

-3000 gold
-Scaly sea-green crystal with little blue swirls. It feels wet and slimy and smells like seaweed.
-Gauntlets made of thick grey scaly material
-A silver ring with a colorful, engraved and painted fish biting its own tail.
-A set of goggles, around the eyes is the same painted fish.

Okena's Puzzle Box

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