Okena City Tour Guide Speech

The tour begins at Okena Statue: Huge stone statue, perhaps carved out of ivory with a painted blue and silver robe. Although largely faceless, the head of the statue was given an open mouth with masterfully carved, full, blue lips. Beautiful, clear, shimmering water pours out of the mouth to its outstretched hands and finally down to a large glass dome at the foot of the statue. Although water rushes down around the edges of the dome, you can see that inside a fire burns in front of small oak trees whose leaves twitch back and forth as if wind were swirling around them.

“This is the great statue of Okena, built by the first Grandmaster, GM Darius, after Okena’s death. The statue is meant to represent one of Okena’s fundamental beliefs, that water flows through all things. As you can see, water flows through Okena, out his mouth, and down onto this dome. It is meant to symbolize his generosity and power over life and death. Some say that the dome and its contents are meant to symbolize his three brothers, trapped within the confines of this world…but that he transcends them all. Others believe it is just a way to show that Okena shared his life and love with the whole world.

Now, as a last stop on our tour we will head to one of our most prized pieces of art here in the city. A statue built by Okena himself soon after establishing his tower here, we call it “the protector”.”

The protector: A large stone statue of what appears to be a man in a suit of full plate. His left hand hold a large stone spear while his right hand points toward the sky. His head appears to have a face on each side. Each face looks identical with a small scowl on its lips and an extra eye at the center of the forward.

“Ah, lovely, here we are…The Protector. As I was saying back at Okena Tower, this statue was built by Okena himself. After he and his brothers defeated Aerys in the Great War, Okena came here and built not only the tower, but this statue. The statue was meant as a greeting for our allies and a threat against our enemies. As you can see, the protector has many faces which allow him to look out in each direction. This was meant to symbolize that Okena and our future Grandmasters were always on the look out and that we would not be caught unawares. You may also notice that each face has not two, but three eyes! Strange, yes? Well, not so strange after all! The third eye was given to each of the protector’s faces to symbolize his surpassing wisdom and ability to see what is in your soul. It is believed that it is with his third eye that the protector can tell enemy from friend when they are approaching the city by ship. There is one more very interesting thing you may notice about the protector…do you see where he points? Towards the sky! But, it was not always pointing towards the sky. When Okena built the statue, it was pointing backwards towards the sea. It seems that about every 100 years or so, the statue points in a new direction. Many believe that the soul of Okena entered the statue after he died and that the direction of his point may Okena’s way of warning against danger… but it is not common knowledge what the protector is warning us about, although many believe the Grandmaster can read his message. All right, well, that is the end of our tour! I hope you enjoyed it and all the information you have learned. Please remember that as much as I enjoy sharing all this information with you all, this is my job so that best way to thank me is by leaving a tip! Thank you, thank you! I hope you all have a wonderful day.”

Okena City Tour Guide Speech

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