Okena City

Basic Description
Okena city is surrounded by a fisherman village with many ports. Reaching the gates of the city, the walls are tall and made of stone, though waves have been painted masterfully onto the rocks. The gates have large sculptures of mermaids on either side, holding large jeweled scepters. In the center over the terrace is fountain with water that rushes up and over the top of the terrace.

When you enter the gates, you enter under a large walkway with water flowing down the walls and into grates at the ground. The walls are painted with all sorts of sea creatures, giving the impression that you are walking through a tunnel in the sea.

The great tower in the center of the city shines blue and white and looks as if it too is covered in water.
Okena Statue – Inside the Tower

Huge stone statue, perhaps carved out of ivory with a painted blue and silver robe. Although largely faceless, the head of the statue was given an open mouth with masterfully carved, full, blue lips. Beautiful, clear, shimmering water pours out of the mouth to its outstretched hands and finally down to a large glass dome at the foot of the statue. Although water rushes down around the edges of the dome, you can see that inside a fire burns in front of small oak trees whose leaves twitch back and forth as if wind were swirling around them.

Island Statue – The Protector

A large stone statue of what appears to be a man in a suit of full plate. His left hand hold a large stone spear while his right hand points toward the sky. His head appears to have a face on each side. Each face looks identical with a small scowl on its lips and an extra eye at the center of the forward. ((Description also included in speech))

Okena City

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