Maggie and Father - Missing Persons

Obviously there was more said, but this is the basic information I drafted up for the scene.

“I don’t know why everyone says I was missing, mommy is missing, not me! I went to bed with mommy because I was scared, there were bad men in my dream and daddy wasn’t home. I had bad dreams about a priest with some needles, they were poking mine and mommy’s arms but the nice lady told me everything would be okay so I wasn’t so scared anymore. When I woke up, mommy was gone and daddy was home. Daddy says I was missing too, but I was just sleeping! I was in bed the WHOLE time!”

“Maggie and her mother were gone when I came home. Maggie was missing 3 days, then one morning she was in bed again. She doesn’t seem to remember ever being gone, but I do, I never thought I would see them again. I wasn’t sure if Kimberly left with Maggie while I was out of the city but it didn’t make any sense so I had the signs posted. Maggie came back but my wife is still missing.”

“I spoke with someone who claimed to be with the wizard’s guild, Kyle Blackwood, he said they would do everything they could to find her but when I went to check on the progress at the wizard’s guild…they claimed to know nothing about it and that they don’t have any members by the name of Kyle Blackwood. I’ve begun to think we will never find her…she’s probably dead.”

Description of wife: Long brown hair, brown eyes, skinny. She always wears the bracelet I got her for our anniversary. A silver bracelet with blue gems and the letter K carved into it.

Maggie and Father - Missing Persons

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