How You All Met

The game began in the city of Teangi where the great summer festival was taking place. All of you had come to the city to take part in the festivities and ended up becoming friends and travelling together. After participating in some of the games, James Gathaway was chosen to compete in the main event, the Heroes Race.

The Heroes Race

“Contestants and audience members, welcome to the annual Heroes Race!! 8 lucky people have been chosen to participate for a chance to win fame, glory, and 50 gold! But before we begin, I must tell you all about the rules of the game!

First and foremost, I want to remind the contestants that completing the course is not enough! This is a RACE, after all, so speed is the key! But be careful, sometimes it is faster to move more slowly and slower to move quickly! Despite my warnings, some of you will move too quickly but wind up making little progress and some of you may not even make it to the final task!

Contestants! It is your goal to finish this final task, and all other tasks, before anyone else does! Although I am forbidden to tell you all the tasks set out for you, I must remind you of the general rules that apply to this race!

First, you must COMPLETE each task before moving forward. Each task is marked by a yellow line, you will begin at the first yellow line and cross it only after you hear the bell ring! Task two begins when you cross the second yellow line, and so on and so forth!

Secondly, any task which requires balance cannot be completed unless you have not fallen during the entire task. If you fall, you must start at the beginning of the task before you may continue to the next task. If you do not, you WILL be disqualified!

Finally, the last task is marked by a red line. You must STOP at the red line in order to complete the task. After your task is completed, THEN you may cross the red line. If you are the first to cross the red line after completing all tasks, you win!

Now, we are ready to begin! Contestants, you may line up at the first yellow line! But remember, do NOT cross until you hear the bell!”

James was the first to complete all tasks and was named the winner of the game and this year’s hero. As he was being loved by the crowd, a young woman began calling his name and begging for his help. She insisted that he meet her at the tavern and continued to plead that he help her.

The Stealing of the Staff – First Adventure

How You All Met

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