How the War Impacted the Formians

The Story As Told By The Queen

Many years ago, when my great grandmother was Queen, our hive was the most magnificent in the land. The tunnels of our home ran deeper and wider than any of the tunnels of our brother and sister hives. In addition to the greatness of our home, we were strong. I have looked into your soul and know that it is okay to tell you that we are not the strength we once were, we are weaker and more vulnerable to attack… that is why we hide down here.

There was once a time when our people traded with your people and all prospered. It was many long years ago, but this land we live on now was once full of peace; of course not everyone always got along but there was much less greed and senseless killing. Few know of our history now, because as you humans sometimes say…it is the victors who write the histories.

We once had great shamans who wielded the power of the web. The princess tells me that the book you gave her appears to describe something similar to our web…we called it the web because it was like looking upon giant spider’s web, only that it was everywhere and full of light and energy. Our shamans and my great grandmother could use the web to produce unimaginable things…walls of fire to guard the Queen’s chamber, storms of ice, even skin of stone.

This “magic” you spoke of when we last met, it sounds to me to be your version of our web. We have called it the dark-web, because we believe it is the source of your war many years ago. You men grew powerful and greedy the more you explored your “magic” and before long, the great war began. It was not our place to take sides in your war, it was our wish to remain out of it but your shamans took the war to us, for fear that we would side with the others.

Your shamans, the ones who started your war, they attacked all the hives…and the shaman King, he used the dark-web, “magic”, to rip the web away from us. The story is passed on from Queen to princess so that we may never forget the day your shamans came.

They came by surprise, slipped through our defenses and past our guards. They appeared directly in the queen chamber, and before anything could be done to stop them they had already won their battle. The leader came with a grand staff with a huge, beautiful stone ontop of it. He used this staff and his dark-web, his “magic”… the room grew dark and while the battle crashed around him, he did not seem to notice. Instead he focused only on the queen and as he did, some great ball of light burst forth through the queen’s stomach. For an instant it brightened the room and mesmerized our shaman before the man captured it within his stone. Since that day, we have not seen the web and my grandmother, mother, and I have not birthed any shaman.

How the War Impacted the Formians

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