Great War Common Knowledge

In the old days when dragons were still common, children of man and dragon were born. These children were considered the most powerful humanoids in the world. Everyone was in awe of their power, but many years passed and soon dragons and their children disappeared. But some say that descendents of dragons still exist. Although they appear like their humanoid ancestors (as elves, humans, etc.), they possess the power of magic and need not study or use materials in order to cast their spells.

These people, known as blood mages, or Sorcerers, were once loved and feared by all, just as the dragons before them were. But they were cruel to anyone who was not like them. They believed that ordinary humans and humanoids were weak and they wanted to remove the ordinary people from the world. A very powerful sorcerer named Aeris began to gather the other sorcerers in to an army. One by one, cities began to fall to Aeris and his sorcerers. Soon everyone lived in fear and chaos.

One day, 4 brothers (Teangi, Delaire, Okena, Keahi) discovered that magic could be controlled by others as well, that with careful study and precious materials, one did not need dragon’s blood in their veins in order to wield magic. The brothers spent years studying until one day they were strong enough to face Aeris and his army. Although the 4 brothers were able to destroy Aeris and scatter his army, people still lived in fear.

So, while the sorcerers were weakened, the 4 brothers spread to the 4 great cities of the country. They began calling others to their cause and built large towers in the center of the cities. The 4 brothers built the towers so tall that they could be seen from any point in the city, and most importantly…so that the brothers could see any point in the city and over the city gates.

At first the people of the cities were not sure if the wizards could protect them from the sorcerers. Living in fear of another attack, citizens tried to exile or kill all sorcerers found within the city, but the brothers called for peace. They ensured the citizens that the sorcerers would no longer be a threat, that wizard magic was just as powerful as sorcerer magic. The wizards allowed the sorcerers to live and work in the cities, as long as they promised to remain peaceful.

For 300 years the sorcerers have been subdued within the city, promising to live peacefully and for 300 years the wizards of the city have kept the citizens safe. However, it is rumored that Aeris’ line was not broken and that his family has been gathering followers and strength, waiting for the right moment to rise again and overthrow the wizards so that they can complete their work of ridding the world of ordinary creatures.

Great War Common Knowledge

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