Found Within Lea's Captors' House

In no particular order.

To Manderly

Mr. Manderly,

I regret to inform you that your son is getting worse. I do not expect him to survive much longer unless I can get some help from you.

Through my studies, observations, and experiments, I have come to believe that the cure is old knowledge, locked away in a tower on an ancient island. I have read that the ancients once knew how to cure the affliction but Aeris got a hold of the book with its secrets, so Okena took it and locked it away for safe keeping.

Legend says Okena hid things upon a cloaked and moving island, that a key must be found to reveal the path to it. If you acquire this key for me, I believe I can save your son. You must hurry, though, he is fading every day.

Best wishes,


To Crawford

Mr. Crawford,

I am very sorry for what happened to your wife, but her death brought us much needed knowledge about the progression of this sickness. The information gleaned through her time with us will be invaluable to finding the cure.

Please find the strength within you in this hard time, and help the others. We may still be able to save their family members, and I know Cheryl would have wanted that. Please seek out Mr. Manderly at your earliest convenience, his son is fading quickly. I have given him a task that might be able to unlock the secrets to the cure, but he will need help.

Best wishes and deepest regards,


To Tindly

Mrs. Tindly,

I am pleased to inform you that your husband is doing very well with us. He is responding to our treatment like few others have. He is a very strong and resilient man, and I have high hopes for his recovery.

Unfortunately, I cannot say as much for the others. Both Manderly and Crawford have done very poorly. I have lost one of them and am on the verge of losing the other. It is very important that I continue to my studies in order to keep young Manderly alive, and to ensure that your husband continues to improve.

Please seek out both Manderly and Crawford. They will need your help locating a very important item that may be the last piece of the puzzle needed to unlock the secrets of the cure. This cure will ensure that young Manderly survives and that your husband never relapses. The sooner you can acquire this item for me, the sooner I believe I will be able to send your husband home to you.

Best wishes,


To Colville

Lord Colville,
As you know, it is important that we find the island so that we can continue our research. While I continue with my work, I need you to locate the island. I have figured out a few important things but the information is still lacking significantly. I have provided you with a copy of my notes, please use them in combination with whatever other information you can find.
I will be sending several others to help you locate the key once you have the information you need. While they work on acquiring it, I need your mind deciphering the riddle to locating the island. Keep me informed of your progress.


To Ciara – Unfinished

Mistress Ciara,
The others have arrived and are currently staying within one of the headquarters you put me in charge of. While they’ve been here, they have discovered a woman in a tavern who may know more information about the key’s location. They spoke to her the other day but did not get much information out of her, so they have continued to watch her and saw her lead another group of people to a cave. We believe she has given them the location to the key.
Manderly and the others believe they can convince the group of our need for the key with the right leverage.

Found Within Lea's Captors' House

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