Elven Elders

Elder Imizael
A short (for an elf ~5’2”) elven woman with long silvery hair and skin and bright, piercing blue eyes. She wears a long silken blue and silver gown that flows down and out around her feet. Although she does not appear wrinkled and frail, the eyes give an air of age and wisdom. As she looks at you, it looks almost as if she is looking in to you with her intense yet oddly soft gaze.

Elder Faelon
A skinny old elf with wrinkled bronze skin and long stringy brown hair. He wears a thick robe of green and browns which covers his arms. Upon his head is a golden circlet with a bright green gem shining in the center and around his neck and a long chain of golden links.

Elder Erymben
Auburn hair, bronze skin, yellow eyes. She wears a long red and orange silken robe that seems to flicker as if it were on fire. The sleeves of the robe seem to be made out of some sort of red mesh instead of silk, and you can see what looks like tattoos on her arms, although they cannot be made out through the mesh. Upon her head is a golden circlet with a bright, glowing red gem in the center.

Elder Ninaelel
Blonde hair, pale skin, grey eyes. Yellow silken dress with silver linings. Golden circlet upon her head with a shining yellow gem in the center.

Elder Camaemben
Pale, wrinkled skin with thick black hair. He wears a robe of deep blues and purples. Upon his head is a golden circlet with a purple gem in the center.

Elven Elders

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