Elder Knowledge

The powerful staff spoken of by the Formians was created during the Great War and wielded by Aerys to trap the souls of his most dangerous enemies. When the four bested him, they confiscated the staff and Okena locked it away in a tower. In order to ensure that no one got a hold of the staff, Okena and the others worked together on a very powerful spell which would cloak the island and set it to moving so that it was never in the same place for very long.

Elder Imizael was very close friends with Okena and assisted in these spells, as well as hiding the keys. Imizael found your cause noble enough to point you in the right direction, but asked that you remembered that greed would only harm you in the end, asking that you take only what you need if you are to find the island.

Elder Imizael knew that Okena loved the sea and spent many days exploring the depths. During the time spent beneath the waters, Okena became close friends with much of the intelligent sea life, including the mermaids and the selkies. Although many believed that the merfolk were vicious and territorial creatures, Okena came to know them as kind, generous, and loyal…although quite stubborn. It became apparent that they are very territorial but they were not vicious or cruel, just extremely protective of their “lands” and territory. No one was allowed to enter their realm without their permission but somehow Okena became close enough friends with them to enter without asking anymore.

For this reason, Okena entrusted a piece of the key to the merfolk and asked them to keep it hidden until someone worthy of it were to come along. “I know not what became of the key, but Okena assured me that only one of pure intent and a good soul will be able to convince the merfolk to hand it over,” Imizael had said.

She reminded you that different cultures have different customs and it is important that you take this into consideration when dealing with the merfolk. Sometimes what you may view as strange or rude is simply part of the culture with no offense meant. Though the merfolk are truly kind, they are also quite skittish and untrusting so it is careful that you consider your words and actions carefully, lest you offend them and lose your chance of finding the key.

Elder Knowledge

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