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Okena’s Journal

We barely escaped with our lives. Aerys was clever and somehow broke through our defenses when we thought he would no longer be a threat. I fear for the others, I have not yet heard from them and believe they may not have gotten away. I can only hope that they, too, have fled into hiding and that one day we will all be reunited. I must find some way to reach out to them, she must be stopped before she kills more because of their power.

I’m getting weaker, I can feel my power fading slowly…I feel sickened, like one of them has been extinguished. Our power was always strongest when we were closer together, and I’ve been unable to locate them, they must be cloaked like my island. I have asked Imizael and her companions to find them, they have more power and knowledge than I do. If anyone can find them, it’s her.

I feel as if my life is being sapped from me. She could not find them, and I’ve grown steadily weaker. Soon he’ll find me too, and my children. I need to disappear, for their sake….I need to take them underwater with me. She won’t find us there, she won’t even think to look off land. Hopefully she’ll just assume us to be dead when she can’t find us. No one knew I could survive down there, no one but Imizael and my sisters. My sea family will guard us well.

Before I go, I’ve decided to split my key in two parts…giving one to Imizael and one to the mermaids. They will hide them well and ensure that only those who wish to do good will access them. They will remain free from Aerys’ hands and she will never find my island. May the Gods protect it and its contents from evil. If they will not, or cannot…at least Umbaroth will do his best.

The Great War

They say that the winners write history, I never believed it until now. I had always thought that the losers would still keep the true story alive…but I suppose a truly determined winner can threaten the losers into silence until the truth is lost. But I won’t be silenced. Someday, the truth needs to be exposed so that the sorcerers can live peaceful lives within the cities. This prejudice and hatred…it never would have happened if we could have kept Aerys at bay…but we failed the people and for that, I will forever be regretful.

I hate to admit it, but the war was our fault. We didn’t mean for it to happen, we never foresaw the consequences of the power we were dealing with. My sisters and I were all born special, unique…we had the blood of the dragons within our veins and we could feel their magic pulsing. We, like many others, were born as blood mages…but unlike others, we were each attuned to a different element. From an early age, our differences were apparent…we watched Delaire float on air, Keahi dance with fire, Teangi control the vines, and myself spending hours beneath the water without needing to come up for air.

What a great gift we all had…what a great gift all blood mages had. We wanted everyone to feel the joy of magic, to have a chance to wield it, to enjoy it, to love it like we did. We were too naive to consider what would happen if someone cruel took hold of it…we just wanted the world to be a happier, brighter place.

Together, we all began to study the power we possessed. We experimented with how it worked, how we controlled it, how we were able to do different things with a slight change of the wrist or uttering. Eventually we developed an entirely new kind of magic, one that could be taught to anyone…a magic that you didn’t need to be born with. We were so excited to begin to teach people…but we wanted to make sure it was truly going to work first, so we started with a very small handful of students. Among them was a young girl named Aerys.

Aerys was brilliant, the top of her class. She was a beautiful young woman, she was always calm and controlled, and she learned very quickly…not one of us noticed that she was a deeply troubled girl. The more she learned, the more apparent it became…but we hadn’t really noticed it until it was too late. We loved Aerys and for that, we overlooked her lust for power. After awhile, we had nothing left to teach Aerys and she left us…we never thought we’d see her again, but we did.

Something had snapped in her, the anger she was hiding from us for all those years was finally released. Aerys believed that blood mages were dangerous people, destined to become evil. She believed that there was nothing we could do to withhold the power of the dragon within us and that someday we would be overcome by the merciless nature of the chromatics. We were dangerous, a threat to the world, and we needed to be exterminated for the greater good.

She gathered a group of like-minded individuals and she spent years teaching them what she knew…what we had taught her. People started disappearing, dying…but there was a pattern to it, it always seemed to be one of us. Eventually she must have decided that this way was too slow, she came to realize that if she was truly going to wipe us out, she needed to be less subtle and more aggressive. Before long, she had gathered her army and attacked.

Aerys had created a new type of magic, a magic we were nearly powerless against…something we’d never even considered possible. We termed it “death magic”, she was able to bring the dead to life, to kill with a look or a flick of the finger, I even watched her heal herself by sapping the life from another. We didn’t understand it, we never intended for magic to be used that way, we never considered that Aerys would take what we’d taught her and find a way to corrupt it.

Books and Portraits

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