Basic Wizard Guild Info

All spellcasters EXCEPT sorcerers require material components to cast (however, this is just an RP thing. For all intents and purposes you are assumed to have the materials you need unless they are “taken” from you during an encounter, at which point I will inform you that your materials have been taken. You do not need to purchase materials or look for materials, you are just assumed to have them.)

Each of the four great cities has specialization in two schools of magic.
Teangi City: Evocation/Transmuation
Delaire City: Enchantment/Necromancy
Keahi City: Abjuration/Conjuration
Okena City: Divination/Illusion
Although each city specializes in two schools of magic, each city still has a “school of general magic” for those who don’t want to specialize or who cannot afford to travel. So, all types of magic are still present within the city, it is just better to travel if you wish to specialize or want a better education in a specific school.

Wizards and other studied mages learn to cast their spells in a tongue called Gwydion. As part studying magic at the wizard’s guild, students are offered classes in the language Gwydion as well as just learning the incantations in Gwydion (although they are not REQUIRED to learn Gwydion the language). Characters who speak the language of whatever spell is being cast gain a +2 bonus to their spellcraft check for identifying the spell. (Example: If you know Gwydion as a language, you get a +2 to your spellcraft to identify a spell being cast by an enemy “studied wizard” but not sorcerers).

Most wizards and other studied spellcasters learn their magic through the great wizards guilds of the four great cities. Becoming a member is easy enough if you can pass some tests and show
“promise” in the field. After one year of studying at the wizards guild you become a full-blown “student”. You are presented with a wizard guild registration and allowed access to areas and services that other people are not allowed. You are also granted permission to “study” and learn through travel and adventure instead of classes, but in order to remain registered you are required to visit the wizard guild whenever you are in the city and show them what new knowledge and skills you have acquired. (You do not need to RP this every time you go to a city. Just let me know if you plan to remain a registered wizard or not and during downtime or shopping time remember to “visit the wizard’s guild” — you just need to say “I take an hour to visit the wizard’s guild”, that’s all. Otherwise it is too much bookkeeping and I don’t think either of us really want to deal with that). As a level 1 character, you are considered to have already gone through the beginning classes at the wizard guild (unless you want to be unregistered), already have your registration, and already given permission to be an adventuring learner.

As a registered Wizard with the guild at level 1 you get: Access to wizard guild library and first floor of wizard store (low-medium level magic items). Magic probation instead of jail time for minor crimes.

Why register?
Unregistered mages caught or suspected of committing a crime receive little tolerance. They are more likely to receive indefinite magic probation, more time in jail, and more likely to be exiled from the city on suspicion of working with the sorcerers.

Basic Wizard Guild Info

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