The Great Blood War

Wigwag - Revenge of the washer Seals


While the rest of the party sat at the table eating stew with the men who had, just moments before, been their adversaries, Reg headed outside to talk to the dragons about the dead rat.

Yank Kee took the lead, carefully dropping hints and probing to discover what the men knew and gain credibility with them. With great care, he eased into their employers’ evil plot: kidnapping their innocent family members to “cure them of sorcery” as nothing more than a trick to use them as guinea pigs, their ultimate goal being to find the magic that would destroy all sorcerers. How they force the other family members to go on bizarre and dangerous tasks, with the promise of freeing their captive loved ones if they are successful. And, how the men should join forces with the party to rescue these victims from the cruel and murderous kidnappers, and bring a stop to their evil plot!

Unfortunately, all of these ideas were nothing more than assumptions made by the party. These men’s relatives were truly sick with a horrible disease, eradicated long ago, but that had somehow made a come back. Its true medical name was difficult to pronounce, so most just called it “The Wig Wag” due to the peculiar pattern of tiny red welts it produced all over the body. These men were here in search of the only book that held the cure for this horrible disease; the only thing that would save their relatives lives.

This sudden revelation on the part of Yank Kee required a great deal of back-peddling and verbal misdirection to blur his previous mis-statements, and recover from an almost disastrous attempt to gain the men’s trust.

Meanwhile, Reg was reassured by one of the dragons – “You should let me eat it, then it wouldn’t have died for no reason and wouldn’t be wasted.” This seemed to be a reasonable solution, so Reg tossed the dragon the rat; then the two proceeded to play fetch with the rubber chicken that had mysteriously reappeared in Reg’s hand, much to the delight of both the Half-Orc and dragon.

I put my stool on the table, "Dinner is ready."

Returning down stairs with the staff the group leaves the bedroom only to find that three men in black robes hold Lea hostage. “Come no farther or I’ll slice her throat!” the man holding a knife to Lea appears to be the leader.

Ren engages the lead man trying to convince him that this is all a mistake, we all work for the same people and you don’t want make them angry. Name dropping from the notes that Yank Key found after he was freed seems to make the men less nervous.

Reginald plays the dumb half-orc and attempts to flank the men yelling about wanting stew. When James makes a move towards the kitchen to make stew things almost erupt into violence but Ren is able to keep things in hand as James and Reg move back into the bedroom pretending to have a loud argument but really preparing to rush the men holding Lea.

Once it’s discovered that the group of men are here looking for a book Yank Key eagerly volunteers to go upstairs and bring them down books. While in the library he knocks on the walls hoping to get the attention of the dragons in their nest behind the house.

Thanks to a few clever lies, and the heroic keeping the hell out of it by Green-eye, Ren eventually manages to talk the men into releasing Lea and joining the group for dinner. As Reg sulks at the table two of the men join him. The man with the knife moves to cut Lea’s bindings when she relieves that she has been free of them the whole time, but wisely waited hoping to avoid bloodshed.

James discovers a fourth man hiding in the kitchen and they engage in a stew cook off. Despite his best effort James is unable to best the rouge’s stew.

Yank Key plies books all over the dinner table before trapping the knife man in a drunken, rambling almost conversation. A fifth man comes out of the latrine “what the hell is going on? Is that stew?”

If it charges I would like to have a movement...

Slowly everyone wakes up the next morning and prepares for the day. After a hasty breakfast Reginald heads outside to walk around the island exploring, Yank Key tails after the half-orc confused over waking up curled up next to him by the fire.

Impatient with waiting for everyone else to get ready Renath announces “This building is bigger than all this. I’m going outside to play with the door incase that’s how you access the rest of the building.” He heads outside and plays around with the door, trying many things that seem stupid if the door is not magical.

After finishing their meal James and Green-eye start searching carefully inside the building. James takes the wall near the fireplace and Green-eye tries the outside wall of the bedroom. In a short period of time Green-eye discovers that there are marking in the dust on the floor near the bookcase.

“I found something but I’m too short to do anything.” At his words James abandons his search and comes into the bedroom. With a great deal of effort he moves the bookcase away from the wall enough to squeeze onto a spiral staircase hidden behind it.

Outside Reginald and Yank Key have discovered that behind the house the dragons have piled a mound of debris to form a nest. The whole group of dragons are still sleeping in various cute poses in the nest. They continue to wonder around the island without discovering anything of real interest in this isolated tropical paradise.

Renath gives up on the door after trying everything he can think of even looking for markings around the door. Changing into a hound he runs off and investigates the interesting smells of the beach.

Green-eye leaves James to checkout behind the bookcase and runs out of the house to find everyone else. He finds that Reginald and Yank Key have completed walking around the entire island and are on their way back. Renath is found at the beach barking and play fighting a crab.

Once everyone is back together Reg makes short work of moving the bookcase out enough for everyone to fit through easily. James has spent his time making sure there is no traps waiting for them on the stairs and assured that everything is safe the party heads up.

The first landing on the stairs opens into a library. Yank Key immediately runs off to look for books about magic. With a sigh Renath stays behind to keep the dwarf out of trouble as everybody else continues up the stairs.

Yank Key runs around scanning book covers with increasing looks of confusion over why a wizard would not have any arcane books in his library. Finally he stops to read a small leather bound journal left lying on a table.

It is Okena’s personal journal and talks briefly about the final days before the four grand wizards died. With the journal on the table is an open book. A short history of the four wizards, how they were born from the blood of dragons with incredible powers, how they discovered magic and trained the wizards, and how Aerys became corrupted by necromancy and turned on them.

Renath is shocked by the revelations but Yank Key is merely disappointed he hasn’t found any new beer recipes.

Continuing up the stairs Reg, Green-eye, and James reach the final floor. A chamber with a large, beautiful rug in the center opens before them. Near the stairs are a series of hooks with bags hanging on them. Against one wall a set of shelves and a vanity, both covered by all manner of objects. The opposite wall has two book shelves filled with tomes. Across the room from the stairs are an armoire and a rack holding various weapons.

Reg goes to check out the shelves while the other two head straight for the weapons. He sees several wondrous objects before him but what grabs his attention is a weirdly stylized, skinned chicken made from a strangely pliable material.

Reginald picks up the chicken and plays around with it, stretching and pulling on it and watching the material bounce back.

Among the other weapons on the rack before James and Green-eye are two staves of very similar appearance. One made of a white material with a vein of red liquid behind glass twisting up the haft. A clawed hand holding a smoky gem tops the staff. The other is obviously carved from ivory with red stained glass tracing a path up to a hand holding a large smoke filled orb.

They call over Reginald and he carefully places the chicken back on the shelf where he found it. Looking the staves over he agrees that one of them must be the staff we came here for. Reg also discovers that the chicken he so carefully placed back is in his hand.

Green-eye and Reg leave the room to go get Yank Key and Renath. James now alone in the room begins to look over everything in a systematic way. By the time everyone has returned he has looked at the vanity, the shelving, and made his way to the bags on hooks.

Peeking into the hanging bags proves to be a bad idea when a small gray bag opens to a surprise. An angry, biting rat leaps out onto James’s face. It bites and scratches him about the head and neck as he attempts to grab the nimble creature.

Coming up the stairs Renath sees James in trouble and rushes in, grabbing at the rat just as hopelessly as James. Reg calmly steps up and smacks the rat with the chicken in his hand sending it flying a good fifteen feet. Green-eye heads to the center of the room to stay clear of the danger as Yank Key hangs back ready to run in if he can help.

The rat appears below James’s legs and begins to bite him about the ankles without having crossed the distance between them. Renath backs away from the obviously magical rat yelling “Put it back in the bag and close it!”

Yank Key runs over to help while Reginald grabs the rat and stuffs it into the bag. As his hands reach in with the rat a second one leaps out and attacks James. Yank Key quickly closes the bag as Reg pulls his hands out.

Suddenly the new rat falls to the floor dead.

Renath casts detect magic and looks over the two staves. One has stronger magical aura by far and looking at it closely Renath can tell that it is made from the arm and hand bones of some strange creature.

“This one is the staff we’re looking for. The carved ivory one is a decoy. Now everyone stop touching things. A lot of it’s cursed.” He finishes by swatting at Yank Key’s hand as the dwarf grabs the ivory staff.

Yank Key drunkenly stumbles around waving the ivory staff and shouting about how this is the right one. Meanwhile Renath pulls out a winter blanket from his pack and very careful not to touch it wraps up the real staff.

After admonishing Yank Key for touching things Renath ties the staff up securely with rope that the dwarf has been carrying and the party heads back down the stairs.

I see if the dragon can mount me...
you guys hear something that sounds like turtle sex.

Renath and Yank Key inspect the wall to the east opposite the lite up gems. Moving counter-clockwise it doesn’t take long before Renath notices a flash in one of the smaller eyes when he looks through it.

Inspecting the eye closely he sees the view change to a small island, then the view gets obscured by a scroll that appears to float in the eye before the view. “Guys I think I found it.” Renath calls out as he reaches out to touch the eye.

As his hand makes contact Renath feels indescribable pain. His body is ripped to pieces as it’s pulled into the eye and the darkness of oblivion claims him.

Hearing Renath shout out in pain the rest of the party turns in time to see him disappear in a flash of light. James comes over and inspects the eye that Renath was looking through before disappearing. “I can see an island,” he pulls out some tools suspecting a trap and vanishes as soon as he touches the eye.

The rest of the party moves up and touches the eye one by one leaving Green-eye as the last to be torn painfully apart.

Sharp pain before blessed relief fills Renath’s senses as he appears on a stone dais. The other members of the group appear and everyone takes a moment to gather their wits after such a traumatic experience.

The group has been teleported to a small tropical island. Beautiful beaches stretch out before them and a small forest covers the center of the tiny land mass. Just before the forest there sits a beach house, but what a beach house. More like a beach mansion.

The stone dais they have appeared on top has a set of markings covering it. Much like the slab in the statue room, it features the cardinal directions and elemental symbols. Unlike the slab the elemental symbols are surrounded by a wingless dragon.

In Renath’s hand is a scroll. Before everyone takes off to start exploring he unfurls it and reads … as guests be respectful… take only what you need…do not harm my friend or his family…

“We’re screwed.” He quips before reading the message to everyone.

James walks up to the house and carefully tried the door, finding it locked. Hanging back a bit Yank Key and Renath hear a strange noise, kind of like deeper and slowed down turtle sex.

The noise sounds like it’s getting closer but there is no time to warn anyone before a large, rainbow hued lizard runs around the side of the house. Its eyes pass over the party before settling on Lea and it charges.

Quickly Green-eye, Yank Key and Renath move to block the lizard. Reg has other ideas and runs up to the creature.

Reginald throws his arms around the lizard and scratches like mad. Strangely it works, the lizard drops to the ground in pleasure as two more come running around the other side of the house.

Seeing Reginald’s success Green-eye runs to the smaller lizard on the other side and begins to scratch at its scaly hide. The larger one runs up to Lea and bowls her over, licking at her face in excitement.

“We need to go back. The door is locked and it looks like it takes the key we left behind.” James says. “Nobody grabbed the key? It was on a timer so we could take it. That’s what the ticking noise was. Just like the door in the statues leg.” Renath replies.

Reg, Green-eye, Lea, and Yank Key all keep playing with the lizards as Renath and James start inspecting the dais hoping to figure out how to get back.

The lizards start making noises like they are talking to each other, the only one that recognizes it is Yank Key. Draconic, they speak draconic which means the rainbow scaled lizards are dragons!

Everyone around the dragons tries out various languages until it’s discovered that they speak elvish. Luckily most of the party also speaks elvish. Green-eye keeps trying to figure out if he could use one of the dragons as a mount through-out this exchange.

“If you want to return Omaha will take you. If you want to go inside just open the door.” The larger dragon says to Reginald.

“But the door is locked, and it wouldn’t be respectful to enter a locked building.” James pipes up. “Just open the door.” The dragon insists.

Renath changes into a dog and runs up to the door, pawing at it to be let inside. This catches all the dragons’ attention and they look on with hunger.

Reg goes to the door and pushes it open without turning the locked door knob. Inside is a small cozy looking room. Renath pushes past Reg and runs around the room before claiming a comfy looking rug. He turns around on it three times before lying down to sleep.

Reginald and everyone else poke around the room inspecting the furniture and opening the doors leading out of the room. Beside the rug where Renath has transformed back into an elf and is deep in trance, there are two couches. A table with eight chairs around it sits near a fireplace.

Opposite the table is an alcove with a stove and stocked pantry. James and Reginald work at putting together a meal while Yank Key samples all of the beer he can find. Green-eye finds a small room with a commode and a washbasin and a bedroom with a nice bed and a bookcase behind the doors out of the room.

After people have eaten their fill the matter of where to sleep comes up. Reginald and Yank Key are happy to take the floor near the fireplace, with a cozy fire to burning. Green-eye and James argue over who gets the bedroom and even the bed.

Eventually James wins out and presents the bedroom and now ruffled up bed to Lea then he positions a chair near the bedroom door and sleeps sitting up. As everyone else settles in for a long overdue rest Renath finds his trance disturbed by a nightmare.

He is trapped in a featureless room as blood pours out of wounds in his hands. Nothing will stop the seemingly endless flow of blood.

I take off the cock-ring then slide it in.

After the tiring fight with the statue which had suddenly come to life, everyone got back to messing around with the stone slab and attempting to figure out the riddle at hand. Green-eye had the brilliant idea to tie up the remaining statues so that if they were to come to life, everyone would have more time to react before it freed itself.

After pulling out a bundle of rope and beginning to move towards the closest statue, James noticed him and quickly shouted “DON’T TOUCH THE STATUES! Just stay away from them!” Green-eye heard and acknowledged James’ orders but did not heed them. Figuring that just tying them up wouldn’t be an issue; Green-eye began to wrap a knot around one of the statue’s arms. Suddenly, the statue swung out towards the Halfling, barely missing due to its miscalculation of Green-eye’s size.

Quickly, Yank Key and Renath rush to Green-eye’s side to assist him in the new fight he had created. While James continued to shout at them, Lea stood frozen in contemplation…she was unsure of whether to assist the others, or to heed James’ advice and stay back.

James continued to yell at them to just back off and “stop messing with the statues”. With much frustration, James is ignored by everyone, save for Lea, until Reg steps in and gets the others to back away from the statues. Apparently the statues will only attack whoever places the key in the wrong place and anyone who attacks the statues. Once everyone listens to the half-orc , the statues leave the party alone.

After yelling at the “children” to leave things alone, James pulls out all the papers he has and starts looking for clues that have been missed. Renath adds that many cultures associate summer with fire since it’s the hottest season. After much back and forth, one critical piece of the puzzle is identified: a torn piece of paper with the cryptic words “I am the key.”

Eventually it’s found that Reg has been holding on to a scroll from Okena’s puzzle box. Once that scroll is produced, it’s easy to see that the mysterious torn paper matches the tear marks on the bottom of the scroll.

Once Yank Key is no longer trying to fight the statues, he chimes in with “Okena was known to enjoy swimming in the spring and Teangi loved to garden in the fall.”

Now with all the pieces, James quickly puts together that Fire is the element for summer and the direction that the lever needs to be in, and that Water is Okena’s element which means that the key needs to be placed in the South since the now complete scroll says that Okena is the key.

James makes sure the lever for the arm is placed in the correct direction, then runs over and places the key into the hole at the South of the fountain. The key slides in with a click and the whole slab around the fountain briefly lights up. As the light fades out from the slab, the party notes that two of the three small spots above the Earth symbol remain lit.

I'm going to miss those holes...
Or a drunken, dangling dwarf lives dangerously

Reaching the top of the long staircase the group sees the round room that Reg had previously spied through the eyes of the statue. A pretty fountain surrounded by a chest high stone slab dominates the room. Three statues are spaced equidistant apart around the stone slab. Directly across the room from the stairs the party had just entered by there is in the ceiling the trap-door which must lead to the roof.

Reg enters the room first and heads towards one of the nearby eyes. He takes a long look outside as the rest of the group filters into the room. Green-eye, Renath, and Lea wander over to the fountain. Yank Key starts to wander the room, seemingly at random, but looking at all the places the rest of the party haven’t gotten to yet. As always James hangs in the back looking out for trouble.

In the slab around the fountain are a set of symbols. Four elemental symbols at each cardinal direction, each with a different number of small holes above the symbol and an X shaped hole below. The X holes look to be just the right size and shape to fit the key.

Yank Key spots the lever on its stone on the northwest side of the fountain and takes a closer look. An elvish inscription, “My arm”, and marking for each direction adorn the base around the lever.

Leaving the eye Reg quickly hands the key off to Renath then starts to climb the wall up to the trap door in the ceiling with some help from Yank Key. The door slides aside into the roof once Reginald hits the latch on it and he ascends to the roof. “Tie this off and throw it down.” Yank Key shouts up at Reginald. The dwarf pulls out a bundle of rope and throws it up to Reg.

“Grab rope.” Reginald says tossing one end down and looping the other around his body. Using his great strength Reginald is easily able to pull Yank Key up on to the roof. “I want to come too.” Lea dashes over and Reginald effortlessly pulls her up with the rope.

“The arm was pointing straight up so you think that the current season is air?” Green-eye asks looking over at Renath. “That makes sense. Let’s give it a try and see what happens.” Renath moves to the air symbol at the north side of the fountain.

He puts the key back together, making sure to do it correctly so it lights up. Renath pushes the key into the hole with a satisfying clunk sound.

Pain hits faster than comprehension as the statue to the left comes to life and punches Renath in the chest. Screaming in pain, “I made a mistake! Help!” Ren tries to pull the key back out of the hole in vain.

Green-eye runs over and tries to distract the statue by waving a small hammer at it. Again the statue mechanical punches Renath in the chest. “Trouble,” Reginald grunts jumping down into the room from the roof. He lands wrong hurting his foot and spends precious seconds recovering.

Lea jumps down and gracefully tumbles and runs towards the statue. Yank Key uses the wall to slow his descent as he plunges down into the room before following the selkie to the statue. James hurries over to join the fight but can’t quite make the jump up onto the stone slab around the fountain to gain an advantageous position.

In immense pain Renath changes into his dog form and runs behind Reginald. Tail between his legs, he gives big sad puppy dog eyes to the half-orc. Reg runs up to the statue and they engage in an awkward dance as they try to trip each other. Green-eye jumps and tumbles around until he can catch the statue unawares from behind and menaces it with his hammer.

Lea reaches the statue and punches it in the shoulder, stone visibly cracking beneath her delicate fingers. Not to be out done Yank Key charges up next to her and furiously rains blows down at the same arm, but only connects with one.

James jumps up onto the slab and attempts to remove the key using his tools, hoping that will end this fight quickly. Safely out of harm’s way Ren changes back into an elf and summons up healing energy, forcing it into his gauze covered hands before touching his wounds. A strange feeling of warmth and power envelopes his palms and Ren is amazed to see the open wounds in his hands that have plagued him since acquiring the gauze gloves closing.

The fight becomes an unfair gang up on the statue with Reginald slamming his maul into it as Green-eye attempts to attack the halfling’s favorite vulnerable point between its legs. Yank Key and Lea try to out monk each other throwing out punches that would destroy a man in one blow and Renath stays out of the way keeping an eye out for something useful to do.

While all this goes down James keeps working on freeing the key but gives it up after a few attempts. He then goes and pushes the lever to the north position just to see if that does anything. The sound of grinding stone and gears overpowers the sounds of combat as the great arm of Okena’s statue moves until it points out to the north.

Reginald takes a bone cracking punch to the chest from the statue and Renath leaps forward happy to finally do something. Praying for Regs wound to heal Ren lays his hands on his back startling Reginald just as he swings his maul. Shortly after that though Reginald brings his great hammer down for the final blow and the statue breaks into a pile of dust and rubble.

While they're in the room doing their business, you'll be in the hallway watching...
"Let's compare rods."

James watched from the shadows as Reg ran down the side of the house. Quickly men burst out of the house turned the corner and the chase was on. Moving more carefully to remain hidden James followed Reg and the men, ready to fire his crossbow should a fight erupt.

Yank Key turned and tailed James from short distance, worried that the half-orc would get hurt because of him.

Reginald glanced at the roof of the house as he ran. “Damn slanted roof, won’t be any hiding from them up there.” He cursed under his breath as he ran down an alley between two houses. Hearing the men chasing him Reginald ducked and weaved between houses, trying hard to lose them in the dark.

Then he saw his opportunity ahead. A street branched into and narrowed as several alleys came together. Reg quickly scooped up a rock as he ran before throwing it down one of the alleys to cause a large amount of noise. Then he hid around a corner down another alley silently thanking whichever of the gods caused these men to forget to bring any lights.

James watched as the men burst from the alley unto a wide open street. The men slowed, looked around obviously in confusion. Knowing the men had to have lost track of Reginald, James turned and slunk away in the shadows. “It’s time for a beer now.” Yank commented as he closely followed James earning a glare from the stealthy scout.

Renath and Lea caught up to Green-eye and slowed down to a comfortable pace for the poor little man. Together they headed for the Shipwreck tavern without any further problems.

“Let’s get some food and drink. It’s been a long night and I’m sure Reginald and James will want something when they make it back.” Renath commented as they found a table to sit at while waiting. Lea politely excused herself and went to fetch the refreshments.

Before long a tired looking James and Yank key entered the tavern. Yank Key made his way over to the table to sit with Green-eye and Renath as James became diverted in hitting on some women at the bar.

Lastly Reginald reached the bar, having taken a circuitous route to the tavern making sure he wasn’t followed. Reg walked up to the table the others were at as Yank Key pulled papers out of his pocket and tossed them onto the table.

“I found these at the house. You might want to look at them.” He pushed them across the table towards Green-eye and Renath. Renath picked one up and quickly scanned it before handing it over to Reginald saying “Look at this Reginald. It’s about us.”

Reginald twisted and turned the paper for a minute. “What these say?” Reginald grunted handing the papers back. Renath and Green-eye read the papers out loud and a discussion developed over what it all could mean. Almost all of the papers were signed by a C.L., a monogram the group was familiar with, but were addressed to people and mention others that were unfamiliar.

One of the papers was someone’s attempt to work out how to use the “key” to “see with the eyes of the guardian.” At some point during the discussion James joined the table without anyone noticing.

James came up with the idea of going up to the group’s room so they could experiment with the rod and ring without witnesses. He then gave Green-eye the rod and stayed near the stairs to keep an eye out in case trouble had followed them that night.

After the group retired to the room Lea came out from the back of the bar carrying the refreshments they had requested. Spotting James by the stairs she headed up to their room with the tray.

Lea entered the room just as Reginald placed the ring on the rod in the corrected manner and the rod erupted with a gentle internal light. “Oh my. I’ve seen things like that sold at special shops in town, but never one that lit up like that.” Lea quipped about the phallic looking rod.

Reginald held the glowing rod up to his eye trying to look through it and noticed a soft sound like ocean waves. “That’s not how you use one of those.” Lea commented.

The group played around with the rod and ring trying to figure out how to use it while discussing what the clues they had could mean. Reginald suggested they return to Okena’s statue to look at the guardian while they tried to figure it out. It was pointed out that there probably wouldn’t be any better time than now, late at night while everyone else interested in the key was busy, to do anything unobserved.

“Lea you should stay with us. It’s not safe for you here. The people who kidnapped you might try again.” Renath told Lea as the party prepared to leave. “What do you mean? Why would anybody want to keep kidnapping me?” She asked. Several of the papers from the house dealt with using Lea to get the key from the group. These were shown to Lea and she agreed to stay close.

At the statue Reginald couldn’t resist the urge to climb to the top and get a closer look at the eyes on each face. Everyone stared dumbfounded as the half-orc appeared to effortlessly ascend the hundred and sixty foot tall statue. As Reg became nothing more than a shadow at the top Green-eye, Renath, and Yank Key started looking around the base of the statue. Closely examining whatever parts they could safely reach.

James stayed back a ways and applied camouflage before hiding nearby. Still worried that they might be followed or watched he kept a tight hand on his crossbow.

Reaching the top of the statue Reginald found that there was more than just the three eyes visible from the ground. Each face had a line of smaller eyes ringing the whole statue. He looked deep into one of the large eyes and found that it was made of a clear material.

Through the eye he could make out a room with a fountain in the center. A stone base ran around the fountain and the floor of the room was a barely visible blue color. As Reginald moved around the statue looking in eyes he saw that there were statues surrounding the fountain and a lever atop another stone slab to the northwest of the fountain.

“There room inside head!” Reginald shouted down to the figures below him. Then he climbed the rest of the way on to the top of the head. The top was a walled landing like the top of a tower. There was a sundial in the center of the landing and a wooden door by the wall.

Reginald rested a few moments before trying the door and finding it locked or barred from the inside.

“The statue’s hollow?” Renath mused after Reg yelled down to them. He climbed up on the base of the statue and quickly noticed a series of larger than normal gaps between pieces on the right leg of the statue. They formed a large arch. “I’ve found a secret door! Help me look for a way to open it.” He called out to Green-eye and Yank Key.

It only took a few minutes before Renath, with their help, noticed that one of the many X shaped recesses on the statue was not recessed but protruded slightly. He pushed in the X and part of the right leg moved in before sliding around and out of the way of a set of stairs in the leg.

“Reg! We’ve found a secret door! Come down here!” Renath yelled up at Reginald before climbing up the first few stairs. Then everyone at the secret door noticed a ticking noise coming from by the doorway. “It might be a trap. Someone should wait out here just in case.” Green-eye commented.

After a few seconds the ticking stopped and the door slid close leaving Renath alone on the stairs. “Can you hear me?” Green-eye shouted outside. Renath could just barely hear the shout and yelled back. “Yes I can hear you.” Then he looked around for a way to open the door from the inside.

After finding a button Renath opened the door much to everyone’s relief. Everyone crowded on to the stairs before the doors closed again.

After Renath shouted about a secret door Reginald started to climb down the statue. Finding it much harder than ascending he placed his foot wrong and fell about forty feet. Reg landed with a thud and a small cry of pain upon the base of the statue.

Through the door Renath could just barely hear Reginald’s scream as he fell and the thud as he landed. “Reginald climbed down let’s get him.” He said opening the door again.

Luckily Reginald wasn’t seriously hurt and with everyone together the party began climbing stairs. Many, many stairs. After climbing for what felt like forever Reginald sat down on the stairs, “Reg tired. Reg back hurt.” He said as Lea checked him over worried about him.

After a short rest the party continued climbing stairs…

She's able to reach through and pet your little head...

Yank Key is woken up by the feeling of hands on his head. Confused and hung over it takes a few minutes for the situation he finds himself in to penetrate. Yank Key is locked in a small cell, the hands he felt were the hands of a well-dressed woman in a neighboring cage. She identifies herself as Lea and tries to comfort him.

Outraged at both being imprisoned and sober Yank Key starts shouting and making as much noise as possible. “Ale! Give me ale! Freedom! I want ale!” A guard yells to be quiet and Lea urges him to rest and let her rest.

The gang has returned to their room at the Shipwreck tavern to find a note waiting for them. “We have your little friend…” In just a few hours of discussion a plan is formed.

The puzzle box, from the undersea cavern they just explored, will be filled with enough copper to seem like the ransom. James and Green-eye will hide in the alley where the ransom is to be left, Reginald will wait on the roof/deck of the tavern and jump down if there is any trouble, and Renath will perform the drop and wait nearby.

If all goes well than James and Green-eye will follow whoever shows up to get the ransom and be led right to where Lea is being held. Once we know more than the group will form a plan and spring her without giving into the crazy demands of a kidnapper.

With a day until the drop takes place the group splits up, James and Green-eye scope out the alley and prepare hiding places. Reginald and Renath go to the market and pay a wizard to identify a handful of objects from the undersea cavern. Seems like there is a theme of underwater travel to the items.

Later that day the group reunites and treasure is shared out. Afterwards time is wasted until late that evening when everyone gets ready for the ransom drop.

After everyone has set up and the hour has neared Renath brings the box into the alley. Placing it on top of a keg he suddenly notices that blood covers the bottom of the box. Removing his hands quickly he realizes in horror that the blood is coming from his hands. Renath runs out of the alley and down to the beach.

Shortly after that a human child sneaks into the alley. He looks around and not spotting anyone picks up the box. As he turns and runs Green-eye says “He’s got the box. Follow him.”

Scattering garbage and empty kegs around them Green-eye and James erupt from their hiding place and chase the kid.

Reginald turns from mortifying the other patrons of the tavern and looks over the edge of the roof at the noise from the alley. Seeing Green-eye and James running after a child, he jumps down from the roof and starts to follow them.

After frantically scrubbing his hands raw in the seawater, Renath finally turns from getting the blood off his hands. He’s just able to spot Reginald running from the alley and takes off to make sure he’s not left behind.

James finds it harder to not over take a running child then it is to follow one, while Green-eye runs all out to keep up. After a short chase they see the kid enter into a dive bar named Fisherman Friends. James watches through a window as the kid heads up the stairs at the back of the bar, then heads inside to follow. Green-eye waits outside to catch his breath.

James sneaks up the stairs and witnesses the kid knock at the last door on the left. A handsome man dressed in expensive silk clothing with a lily flower lapel pin opens the door. After taking the box he hands the kid a small sack of coins and shuts the door.

Reginald and Renath find Green-eye outside the bar and they all decide to head in. Reginald stomps over to the bar “Beer! Reg want beer!” Renath takes up a position at the foot of the stairs and Green-eye sneaks up them.

“What did the man want with the box? Who is the man? How much did he pay you?” James confronts a frightened child and demands answers. After some back and forth James and Green-eye find out the kid knows where the man lives and pay him a few coins to take the group there.

Outside a nice, red brick house James and Green-eye argue with the child. “Is this the place? You’ll stay here and we’ll pay you after we find out it’s the right place.” The kid starts to get scared again and James gives up and pays him the rest of the promised money.

Reginald then stomps up out of the shadows. “Leave kid alone. What go on here? Reg not like men scare kid.” The kid manages to get some more money out of Reginald even though he’s just as scared by the half-orc as the others. Wanting to make sure they are at the right house before letting the kid go, Reg tries to convince the child to let him escort him home “for his protection” as the rest of the party moves up to the front door of the building.

James quickly picks the lock on the front door and slips inside to scout it out. Renath casts light on his staff, and he and Green-eye wait for word from James.

Inside James finds a fairly normal living room and a small hallway. Down the hallway he can hear a man yelling as a woman tries to quiet him. Moving closer to the hallway he hears snoring.

Just down the hallway is a door on the left, easing it open a crack James finds that that is where the snoring is coming from. Farther down the hallway is a door on the right before the hall ends in a book case. The yelling sounds like it’s coming from there.

As James attempts to pick the lock on the door with the yelling, Renath enters the living room bringing some much needed light. James motions to him to come closer and Renath sneaks down the hallway.

Green-eye stays near the door to the house. Seeing the others entering, Reginald assumes this is the right plays and finally lets the kid go. Reginald enters the house and takes position in the hallway by the snoring door just as James pops the lock and he and Renath slip into the other room.

Inside the room is two barred cells next to each other. One contains Lea and the other an unknown dwarf who yells about freedom and ale. Several minutes pass as James works on picking the lock on Lea’s cell.

The snoring stops and the door opens to the room near Reginald. Reginald quickly closes the door to the other room and moves up to block the doorway. “Where Ben? This Ben house. What you do in Ben house?” The man opening the door way is startled to find a half-orc standing in the hallway. “What are you doing here? Get out! There’s no one named Ben here.”

“Ben? Where Ben?” The man gives up and pulls a dagger quickly stabbing at Reginald but missing in the lack of light. With all the noise being made Green-eye decides to light a torch in the living room to find out what’s going on. The light shows him a man confronting Reginald with a dagger in the hallway.

Reginald peers into the room to see four other men with weapons. Reg shoves the man all the way across the room then quickly steps back out and pulls the door shut and holds it closed. The other guards in the room were too surprised by this to hit him with their clubs.

James finally gets the cell open and Lea urges him to free Yank Key too. Renath opens the door to the room, “We’ve got her! Let’s go!” Meanwhile, Reginald is engaged in a tug-of-war to keep the door closed. The bulging muscles of the half-orc prove to outmatch the hands on the other side of the door.

The man in the room pleads, “No, we need them. You don’t understand. Just leave.”
While holding the door Reginald tries to get more information out of the man, but fails.

Green-eye heads outside with his torch and acts as a look out to make sure no one comes investigating the noise everyone is making. With his experience with the other cell it only takes a few seconds for James to spring Yank Key.

Renath takes up position in the living room to back up Reginald should the men get out of the room. Lea and Yank Key rush into the living room, but Yank Key refuses to leave before he gets his stuff back, and Lea won’t leave without him. James runs over to the front door and readies his crossbows to cover everyone.

Yank Key spots his equipment and a bunch of papers, he scoops it all up as fast as possible. Renath after repeatedly shouting at everyone to get out runs over and picks up Lea and carries her out of the house. James keeps covering everyone as Yank Key runs out with his hands full of stuff.

As soon as people start coming out of the house Green-eye runs heading back for the Shipwreck tavern. Renath sits down Lea and they run after Green-eye together. James moves out into the street and covers the front door. Yank Key decides to wait to attack any of the men as they come out of the house.

Reginald yells, “Letting go of the door now.” Then shoves the door hard into the men pulling on it with all their strength. He turns and runs for the front door and is only followed by two men as the others are tangled up on the floor of the room.

Reg slams the front door shut behind himself and, seeing Yank Key still standing there, stops and turns to hold this door against the men as well. “What are you still doing here? Run!” Yank Key finally runs after everyone else. “I’m not going to let this door go!” Reginald shouts then shoves the door inwards again knocking down several of the men. He then runs around the corner of the house hoping to lead the men away from the rest of the party as they flee out of sight of the men.

James sees the mayhem, and realizes that Reg may be in trouble. Consequently, he decides to find a hiding place from which he can cover Reg, in case the kidnappers catch up to and overcome Reg. He quickly darts into the nearest shadow to hide and focus his crossbow on the enemies. Unfortunately, the crescent moon and subsequent glint off the metal-tipped bolt threaten to give him away.


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