New pages include:
New section for Player Discussions. First page: “Puzzle of the Protector”

Notes: I went ahead and updated last week’s log, just to give a more detailed description of the first fight with the statue. Other than that, everything else remains the same.

How You All Met

World Overview and Common Knowledge

Basic Wizard Guild Info
World Overview
Teangi Tower
Great War Common Knowledge
Okena City

Additional Information Learned During Campaign

Teangi City
The Stealing of the Staff – First Adventure
To Darkwing – Missing Persons
Conversation with Vivian – Missing Persons
Maggie and Father – Missing Persons

How the War Impacted the Formians ((Also related to Missing Persons))
Journal of Lorelei Bazzi

Elven City
Elven Elders ((Descriptions))
The Elder Tree
Elder Knowledge

Okena City
Okena City Tour Guide Speech
Okena’s Puzzle Box
The Mermaid Song
Found Within Lea’s Captors’ House
Riddle Notes by Anonymous

The Island
Books and Portraits

Player Discussions
Puzzle of the Protector

DM Stuff
Answering The Riddle

The Great Blood War

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